For WELT, we are handling the complete post-production of audio for almost all internal productions in documentaries. We support in-house production and external film productions in every step relevant to the audio for broadcast-ready release.

This includes talent casting, scheduling, and the timely delivery of the finished mix, including all versions and STEMS required for distribution

We localize the WELT German documentaries catalog into English and make sure that all responsible parties know what is necessary for distribution.

We are still thrilled about the creative opportunities and the trust that the production management, also known as Daniela Montoya, placed in us.


For WELT's own audio post-production, we provide consultative support and always keep an eye on the work processes as well as the sound engineering team.

We have supported this unit from the beginning and are proud and grateful to see it become stronger and better. We communicate with the editorial and technical teams to make the day as easy as possible for the production management. We develop target production times and review deviations to identify weaknesses and make the production process even smoother.

For localization insourcing, we developed workflows around audio postproduction. Through focused interventions in material procurement and contract design, we have been able to raise awareness within the editorial unit for audio-relevant topics and transfer knowledge.


N24 became WELT and the new station was looking for a new identity.

The task of designing an ID is challenging. Even if the result sounds so simple, it has to last for years. It should not be conspicuous or disturbing, but it has to always be clearly recognizable. And so the search for aesthetic functional sounds began.

Initially, we designed all the broadcast packaging, IDs, bumpers, and openers. Very prominently for a news broadcaster, of course, there's the news opener, specials like the 2021 election special, the weather, and even a sound for the test pattern.

In the end, we delivered a toolkit and keep it constantly updated. Thanks go to Martin Sennekamp for his trust in us.

In the press release from WELT, it was stated that Hans Zimmer's "Bleeding Fingers" was responsible for the On Air Design / Sound Design. Of course, the first-class music originates from there. The confusion between Tonfabrik and "Bleeding Fingers" is therefore a great honor for us. 😉



Parallel to the rebranding of N24 to WELT, we reinterpreted and produced the iconic song "The Lions Sleeps Tonight". The result was the WARUM (WHY) song. The idea came from WELT Marketing, Jung von Matt & Not-a-Maschine. In the casting, we searched for the right voice for this beautiful title and had gifted musicians record all instruments.

At the same time, we realized the sound design and made sure that the spot sounded good online, on TV, and in the cinema.


At Screenforce Days 2021, the WELT presentation soared impressively, and there's buzzing excitement that it clinched the top spot in the internal rankings.

The task is quite challenging and yet straightforward. WELT wants to stand out at the event and for this we provided the idea and also realized it in full. A Disneyesque song with lyrics that comes very close to being cringe-worthy. All sung by Kevin Brian Smith, a DSDS contestant with a wonderful voice. Kevin was able to load the most ridiculous string of words with so much emotion that you could think the whole thing is really serious. But after a few seconds it was clear to everyone that WELT is taking itself for a ride in a very charming way.

The foundational concept blossomed during a weekend session, filled with passion and creativity. From there, the composition underwent continuous refinement, lovingly shaped and tweaked daily in collaboration with the marketing team to perfect the song lyrics. Stephan Piez, with his meticulous supervision, nurtured the production, while Stefan Pintev added a layer of enchantment with his mesmerizing strings, infusing the project with even more depth and soul. This was a labor of love and pride, a testament to our dedication and artistic synergy.

To make the images really come alive, we added our own sound design and mixing.