BMW has been with us since the beginning and through different agencies and production companies.
Without BMW, or rather BMW TV, we wouldn't be the way we are today. Our intention was to create a charming rehearsal space with a control room for our bands. Then suddenly, Peter Kasza knocked on our door and stayed, for years. Thanks once again.

Launch films & prototypes

We also craft sounds for other brands within the BMW Group, finding inspiration in the exhilarating visuals that ignite our emotions. 


Delving deep into the realms of product development, we acquire valuable insights, ensuring that not a whisper of information escapes our grasp. Our commitment to absolute discretion is unwavering; it's a silent pact we uphold. While the temptation to showcase our involvement is undeniable, the satisfaction derived from being entrusted with confidential work is a source of genuine pleasure for us. The privilege of contributing behind the scenes, shrouded in secrecy, adds an extra layer of gratification to our creative journey..

Product films

In collaboration with Effekt-Etage in the vibrant cities of Berlin and Munich, we take pride in crafting the sonic landscapes for a multitude of product films for the BMW Group. Our involvement spans the orchestration of voice recordings, intricate sound design, and seamless mixing. Additionally, we consistently contribute to these productions by curating a thoughtfully selected or produced musical accompaniment. Through this harmonious collaboration, we bring to life visually and aurally captivating product films, ensuring the pinnacle of quality in both realms.

Branded Entertainment

The agency Saint Elmo's Entertainment is in charge of the Munich car manufacturer's video portal BMW TV and we have been involved from the very beginning. We are responsible for the audio post-production of the content. Thematically, the program of BMW TV is very diverse. Historical vehicles and design icons are our aesthetic highlights. From 2008 to the beginning of 2013 we produced several features a week, including longer magazine formats and daily reports, such as those on the Berlinale. 

In total, there are several hundred contributions; they can be seen on the BMW Youtube channel from 2008.

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